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Science-based weight loss plan

Motivate Weight Management is a clinically-proven weight loss plan created and developed by Dr. Maurice Larocque. With over 35 years of research, Dr. Larocque is an expert in the field of bariatric medicine. As a graduate of the University of Montreal, Dr. Larocque has devoted his medical career to weight management. His lifelong passion has been to help others become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. His approach to weight loss is supported by the belief that lasting change cannot happen by attempting to manage behavior and choices alone.

Unique Approach

At Motivate we recognize that the need for weight loss is almost always the symptom of a deeper and more significant cause. While most other weight loss programs seek to tackle weight loss as an isolated issue, we believe that long-term weight loss success comes from identifying the root cause beneath the lifestyle choices that lead to weight gain.

Weight Loss at Your Finger Tips

One of the unique features of the Motivate program is our smart phone app designed to easily monitor your progress. By simply assessing your daily habits, the application helps identify patterns of behavior and motivation that encourage or inhibit your success.

Keeping you motivated

We understand that each person’s motivations, goals and obstacles are different and unique, which is why, in addition to the motivational video series, we offer live coaching on an ongoing basis over the phone or live chat.

Motivate Diet plan

Our plan is the fastest track to the most amount of weight loss in the shortest time here at Motivate. With meal plans comprised entirely of food we provide and send right to your door, it offers the most convenient and comprehensive option.

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