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Staying committed to a low-calorie diet is complicated enough without having to consider what to eat while out and about. There are tons of restaurants that serve healthy food options, but sometimes it can be tricky finding a low calorie meal that you can actually enjoy without feeling as if you are depriving yourself.The following are some good low calories meals that you can pick when you eat out without compromising flavor and taste.

  1. Salad– Yes, salad starts off the list as a great low calorie meal that you can enjoy while eating out. This may sound typical, but salads are a great way to eat socially while also staying committed to a low calorie intake. While salads may still be thought of as an appetizer, many restaurants offer salads as a main course. Also, most salads are no longer just the typical lettuce, tomato and cucumber. There are a number of salads that are chock full of delicious vegetables and even grains such as couscous. If you are able to have small amounts of protein, the addition of chicken, fish or boiled eggs can make eating a low-calorie option like a salad quite enjoyable.
  2. Grilled or Baked Chicken– Chicken is a white meat source of protein that is an excellent option for a low calorie meal. With the ability to be prepared in so many ways, chicken is an excellent choice when dining out. Some restaurants do offer a low-calorie menu, and you are sure to find at least one chicken dinner option. It is best to stick to chicken meals that are either baked or grilled as this reduces the amount of saturated fat and calories consumed. Also, try to avoid special sauces and glazes. These can add on additional calories that you don’t need.
  3. Stir Fry– Made with lots of vegetables, stir fry is an excellent low-calorie choice when eating out. Quick and easy to make, stir fry is healthy and can be easily changed to suit your personal tastes. If you want protein, opt for chicken instead of beef, or go for a veggie stir fry for an even lower calorie option. Served with rice or a low-calorie healthy noodle option such as soba noodles, stir fry is a dependable and readily available low calorie meal option when eating out.
  4. Wraps– Wraps of all kinds are a reliable low calorie meal when eating out. What’s great about wraps is that you can add or remove items based on your personal preferences. From grilled chicken wraps made with whole wheat tortillas to vegetarian wraps filled with crunchy vegetables encased in a spinach wrap, wraps are a quick, convenient low calorie food option when dining out. When getting a wrap, opt for healthy fillings. Instead of breaded or sauced chicken, consider grilled chicken. Also, go easy on the sauces. While the sauces may be delicious, they can pack on a lot of calories. If you really want the sauce, have it placed on the side instead of inside the wrap. This way you can control how much sauce you consume with your wrap.
  5. Salmon– If you are dining out with friends, family or a loved one; you don’t have to feel like your dinner food options are limited. Grilled salmon is a staple on many restaurant menus. When paired with steamed broccoli or asparagus, grilled salmon is a great choice for a low calorie dinner. To keep your calorie intake low, watch out for any sauces that are included with some salmon dinners. Also, make sure to choose sides that are healthy. A side salad or vegetables is a healthier option in comparison to a side of fries.

Eating out doesn’t have to be a chore when you are trying to reduce your calorie intake. Try some of these common low calorie food choices when you are out and about.