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If you are trying to limit your calories, you may be wondering what you can eat that will allow you to get the protein you need without adding tons of unhealthy saturated fats to your diet. While you may know that plant-based diets typically offer the lowest calorie meal options, you may not be ready for a plant-based diet and would much rather find the leanest meat options available.Well, there are extremely low calorie meals that you can make that contain meat. You just have to know which meat options are best.  It is also necessary to consider portion sizes as well when seeking to incorporate meat into low-calorie meals.

Low-Calorie Meats

Low-calorie meats…does this actually exist? Yes, it does, but you have to be very selective about the meats that you choose for your extremely low-calorie meals. Typically, red meat contains lots of saturated fat that you want to stay away from if you are interested in extremely low-calorie meals. If you choose to eat red meat, it’s best to stick to the leanest cuts. Some of the leanest cuts of red meat include top sirloin, top and bottom round, and sirloin tip. Also, try to have your butcher trim off as much fat as possible from your red meat to reduce the amount of fat and calories per cut of meat.

Chicken, fish and pork tenderloin are also options that can be used for extremely low-calorie meals. If opting for chicken, stick with the breast as it contains fewer calories than the legs or thighs. Fish such as tuna and cod are also low in calories. Pork is not typically low in calories, but the small size of the pork tenderloins offer a meat option with reduced calories.  

Preparation of Meals

If you want to keep a meal extremely low-calorie while also including meat, you will have to carefully consider how you prepare your meals. What type of oils are your using when preparing your food? Are you using butters, sauces and rues that can potentially raise the calories in your meals? Are you preparing high-starch foods in addition to meat?

These are questions that you should consider asking yourself in regards to your meals. The types of oils that you use can increase the calories in your meals. Stick to olive oil as it contains less saturated fat. The inclusion of sauces and butter will turn your extremely low-calorie meal into a meal that you will definitely regret if you are trying to lose weight. Also, even some vegetables can increase the calorie count of your meals. Meat and potatoes may sound delicious, but the combination of the protein with the starchy vegetables can add on calories.

Try using leaner options when preparing your meals so that you can enjoy low-calorie meals that contain meat.

Portion Control

The amount that you eat has an effect on the number of calories that you consume. It is imperative that you consider the amount of calories that you consume. Just because a meal is extremely low-calorie doesn’t mean that you can eat as many servings as you like. One 200 calorie serving of a meal can easily turn into 600 calories if you eat 3 servings at one sitting. Portion control is key to getting the most out of an extremely low calorie meal that contains meat. Do you have a good balance between meat and healthy vegetables? Is your plate meat-heavy or vegetable-heavy? These are some things to consider when creating extremely low-calorie meals with meat. Portion control matters if you are trying to reduce the number of calories consumed per meal.

It is possible to create extremely low-calorie meals with meat. You just have to be cognizant of the type of meats you are using, the ways in which the meats are prepared, and how much you consume in order to reap the benefits of extremely low-calorie meals with meats.