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Shakes have become a great way to help people lose and maintain weight loss. Filled with lots of healthy fruits and vegetables, shakes and smoothies are not only a delicious way to obtain the required daily intake of produce, they are also great as meal replacements.

While these slimming shakes can be quite nutritional, it’s important to select the right ingredients for your shakes to obtain the most health benefits. Particularly if you are trying to lose weight, the ingredients that you use in your slimming shakes will either help you drop the pounds or increase your waistline.

The following are four mistakes you should avoid when creating your own homemade slimming shakes.

1.Too Much Sweetener– Slimming shakes are quite delicious. From berry-flavored to chocolate, there are so many ways to sweeten your favorite shakes. Sometimes, adding sweetener to a shake can really make it much more enjoyable to drink. However, if you are trying to lose weight, you may want to limit the amount of sweetener you add. Sweeteners such as agave and honey do have calories. In fact, just a tablespoon of raw honey adds about 65 calories to your slimming shake. Instead of adding additional sweeteners, consider using ripe fruit. Ripe bananas and strawberries provide the perfect amount of sweetness without adding additional calories like traditional sweeteners.

2. Too Much Fruit– Fruit makes drinking shakes and smoothies much easier for those that can’t tolerate the typical green juice or shake. While eating fruit has many benefits health-wise, too much fruit in your slimming shakes can actually backfire on you. It is important to remember that fruits are high-carb foods that are filled with natural sugars. These sugars metabolize quickly in your body which results in you feeling hungry not too long after drinking your shake. Also, fruit contains calories as well. Overdoing it on the fruit can add hundreds of calories to a shake that was supposed to help you lose weight. Go easy on the fruit. Add some healthy sources of protein from green vegetables or powders to add some bulk to your shake. These will balance your energy levels so that you aren’t crashing from all the sugar in the fruit.

3. Not Enough Protein– Although fruits and vegetables are often the focal point of slimming shakes and smoothies, it is important not to forget about protein. Protein helps you to maintain your energy levels so that you don’t end up snacking too much throughout the day. Without enough protein, particularly if you are using slimming shakes as meal replacements, you will not feel satiated. When you don’t feel satiated, you are more likely to eat and consume more calories than you would like. There are a number of natural protein sources. Many leafy green vegetables such as kale and spinach are high in protein. You can also use protein powders. Just make sure that you are using high-quality protein powders that are made from healthy ingredients.

4. Too Little Fiber– Fiber is important for your slimming shakes because it provides a “full” sensation while also keeping you “regular”. Unfortunately, fiber often comes up short in most slimming shakes. Add more fiber to your slimming shakes by including fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. Some options include pears, kiwi, avocado, bananas, berries and kale. You can also add plant-based protein powders that contain high amounts of fiber.
If you are trying to lose weight, you have to make the most out of your homemade slimming shakes. Choose the right fruits and vegetables that will provide you with the necessary nutrients while curbing your appetite with high protein and fiber content so that you can lose weight more efficiently.