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Doctors Designs Nutraceuticals

Targeted supplements for optimal weight loss.

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Cold Drinks

Refreshing, quick to make, nutrient rich drinks.

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VLC Smoothies

Replace an entire meal with our  VLC (very low calorie) smoothies. Delicious, refreshing, and high in vital nutrients.

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If you are ever in the mood for something sweet, our puffs will help you stay on your diet. They keep you healthy while tasting like dessert!

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VLC Soups

Replace an entire meal with our  VLC (very low calorie) soups. Fragrant, flavorful, and high in vital nutrients.

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Pudding Shakes

Delicious pudding shakes that are high in protein.

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Our wafers are some of the best tasting diet products on the market. Keep yourself lean and happy with their great taste and healthy ingredients!

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Our VHP (very high protein) shakes will keep you full and satisfied with their great taste and tons of protein.

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Our Audio recordings will help you stay on track on your diet and see the most benefits through dieting.

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Motivate diet plans

Motivate diet weekly and monthly plans.

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Proti Bars

Help control your appetite with our delicious Proti bars–high in protein.

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Just add water and shake for a delicious protein smoothie.

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Hot Drinks

Flavorful hot cafe drinks. Enjoy a protein rich coffee or healthy hot chocolate.

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Ready to Drink

Ready to go, ready to drink, protein smoothies.

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Our zippers taste like you favorite potato chips, but with a fraction of the calories and a ton of protein to boot.

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Our quick to make soups are a great tasting healthy snack to be enjoyed anytime of the day.

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VLC Pasta

Replace an entire meal with our  VLC (very low calorie) pasta. Tastes great and high in vital nutrients.

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Our high in protein Oatmeal will make a healthy breakfast that will keep you going and full for your day!

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Look through our selection of Ebooks full of extremely helpful information for losing weight. From motivation to how to eat and live a life on a diet, our self help books will keep you slim.

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