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The Motivate Weight Loss Plan

Our weight loss plan is the fastest track to the most amount of weight loss in the shortest time here at Motivate. With meal plans comprised entirely of food we provide and send right to your door, it combines convenience with a comprehensive weight loss plan. The Motivate Plan comes with access to the HealthTrac App for your smartphone!

Subscribing to the Motivate Plan gives you:
• A weekly supply of 42 delicious protein supplements
• Access to the HealthTrac App
• 7 Day Food Plan
• Full Access to Motivates Online Resource Center
• Free Dr Larocque “What is your why?” new book
• Weekly Live Chat or Phone Coaching
As Part of the Motivate plan you will receive the following products.
2 boxes of 7 smoothie with flavour packs 
1 box of 7 soup with flavour packs
1 box of 7 pasta with flavour packs
1 box of 7 chocolat crisp bars
1 box of 7 BBQ zipper snack


The Healthtrac App

Motivation in the Palm of Your Hand

We’ve developed an easy-to-use mobile and tablet app that allows you to track your progress on-the-go and follow an easy step-by-step plan with your daily menu. With simple graphed results, the app will follow your weight, steps, exercise, sleep and more.

  • Get your daily food plan at your finger tips
  • Highly customizable plans to your taste and goals
  • Self-reported Color My Day calendar that monitors daily successes or areas of weakness in your habits
  • Set your goals and track your sleep, steps, exercise, weight loss and more
  • Dr. Larocque addresses all the questions you have in the form of weekly motivational videos
  • Video input from Dr. Larocque to help you stay focused and make the changes that will help your long-term success
  • Your diet plan and daily input is sent to your advisor who will evaluate your progress and guide you along the way
  • Direct access to the Motivation Assessment: A comprehensive researched-based tool that helps you understand the root of your weight struggles
  • Access to all motivational tools

Access To Our Online Resource Center

Our online resource center has tons of videos and posts helping you to maintain your ideal weight.

Go To Resources

Motivate Videos

Videos made by Dr. Larocque himself addressing problems such as Why and How to use the plan effectively and how to follow a diet on a busy schedule. Our video database is full of answers and helpful advice in an easy to digest format.


Motivate Posts

Our resource center is full of posts giving helpful advice on how to manage your diet.

Motivate Coaches

Subscribing to the motivate plan gives you access to a 1 on 1 live chat or phone coach. This coach will help guide you through the process of losing weight and will answer any questions you may have.