What's your WHY?

Our primary aim at Motivate is twofold:

1. Helping you manage your weight.
2. Partnering with you to identify your relationship with food.

We offer you a quick and free quiz to see how Motivate can help you uncover the WHY behind your need for weight management help! Our hope is that your answers will give you a sense of what is behind your weight and the things in your life may motivate your behavior—there is no right or wrong answer.

For a full assessment you’ll have the opportunity to sign up for a plan and get access to a comprehensive Motivation Assessment that is a unique scientifically-based assessment that is used to target your plan and give valuable insight into your life and health.

1. I have uncontrollable cravings accompanied by fatigue and mood swings that only food can resolve.

2. My sleep quality is poor or not enough. When I wake up I still feel fatigued, sapped of energy and in need of rest.

3. One hour after a meal, my hunger pangs return.

4. I suffer from chronic pain caused by different health conditions or diseases.

5. I take neuroleptic medications (such as antidepressants).

6. At various times, I crave food even if I’ve had a good meal.

7. My weight is the reason I suffer from a great deal of physical pain and/or a health condition.

8. My weight is the primary source of my negative emotions, lack of self-esteem and deprecating self-talk.

9. Dieting is unfair; I regret giving up the food I miss and I feel it is too big of an effort.

10. Dieting feels pointless because I have failed so many times before.

Your WHY:

Hi, I’m Dr. Maurice Larocque.