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The WHY quiz concept

A unique tool for Weight Loss

Understanding WHY we overeat

There are two possible causes of excessive hunger or loss of control over food intake.

1. Physiological causes (Physical)

2. Psychological causes (Mental)

First of all we must identify and eliminate the physiological causes. Cravings caused by physiological imbalance cannot be controlled by willpower and motivation alone.

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Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar) is by far the most frequent physiological cause. Sugar is the main fuel for the body’s cells and brain. When too much sugar is in the blood a person is diabetic. When there is not enough sugar in the blood, a person is said to be hypoglycaemic. Some common symptoms of Hypoglycaemia are: Cravings Fatigue Irritability Headaches Shaking Cold sweats The symptoms appear suddenly at specific times of the day, most frequently at the end of the afternoon before dinner or late evening. These symptoms quickly disappear after eating something, usually carbohydrates or something sugary, but the cravings will normally return within two hours. Once you have identified and eliminated the physical reasons for overeating you also need to address the psychological (mental) reasons. We do this by looking at your “Mental Weight.”

What is Mental Weight?


Your Mental Weight is the weight that you could achieve if you were to continue with your existing habits and attitudes towards food. It’s a unique concept that has been hailed by the medical profession worldwide as a major breakthrough in the treatment of weight and obesity.

As you complete our easy-to-answer computer questionnaire on a monthly basis, we will:

1. Evaluate the habits and behaviors at the root of your weight problem.

2. Measure changes in your behavior.

3. Identify the physical and psychological blocks that are stopping you from achieving your desired weight.

The Mental Weight Assessment

The Mental Weight assessment is a simple multiple-choice questionnaire, which measures five key areas.






The aim is to reduce your Mental Weight so it matches your physical weight, giving you the opportunity to reach and maintain your desired weight long-term. We achieve this through your own personalised Mental Weight evaluation, which identifies the blocks (both physical and psychological)  preventing you from reaching your desired weight.

This evaluation is repeated monthly to measure changes in your behavior and attitude in the same way that the scales measures your physical weight.

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With each assessment, we will recommend easy-to-understand, self-administered motivational tools that will help you make the necessary long-term changes to your habits and behaviors. As shown in independent clinical studies, using this invaluable tool dramatically increases your chances of losing those unwanted pounds and maintaining your ideal weight by as much as 90%, freeing you from the roller coaster of up and down weight loss forever! Do you want to know Your Mental Weight? For a quick and easy way to evaluate if you have a challenge with your Mental Weight, take this simple quiz. Answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions: 1. Do you eat when you are disappointed with someone or something? 2. Is eating an important source of pleasure in your life? 3. Do you have a tendency to eat when you are disappointed with your own behavior? 4. Do you sometimes hide to eat or hide what you eat from others? 5. Are you more than 10% above your ideal weight? 6. Do you sometimes have uncontrollable food cravings? 7. Do you feel deprived when you are on a diet? 8. Do you tend to be obsessed by the scales? 9. In some ways, do you dread reaching your desired weight? If you have answered ‘yes’ to even one of the above questions, you have a problem with your Mental Weight.

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