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Most people who begin a new weight loss exercise routine focus on building a sweat or finding ways to burn a lot of calories in a relatively short amount of time. While these types of exercises are certainly helpful, weight loss meditation can also play a big role in helping you succeed in your weight loss program–and even more importantly, sustain your healthy habits for the rest of your life.When done right, weight loss mediation can help you reduce stress and improve mindfulness and self-control, allowing you to master your eating habits and avoid unhealthy influences.

So how can you get the most out of your weight loss meditation routine? These tips will help you enjoy a quality meditative experience and achieve visible weight loss results.

1. Get Focused

It’s a popular cliche that you need to completely “clear your mind” in order to meditate properly. This isn’t necessarily the case, however. For your own meditation purposes, focusing on a phrase, image, or even your breathing can help you enjoy a more powerful meditative period. As part of your weight loss meditation, you could focus on a motivational mantra or the reasons behind your weight loss goals. Not only will this help you stay focused during meditation; it will also cement the positive aspects of your weight loss regimen more firmly in your mind. This way, when you get started with your daily workout or fight off temptations to go back to your unhealthy eating habits, you’ll have more mental strength to stick with your plan.

Most importantly, make sure that you get rid of those distractors that often interrupt our focus during the day–such as smartphones or tablets. It’s impossible to stay focused during meditation if your smartphone is buzzing with text messages and other notifications! If you’re really struggling to stay focused during your meditation session, try listening to relaxing music or even a guided meditation CD. These resources can make it easier for you to concentrate.

2. Get Moving!

Another common cliche regarding meditation is that its practitioners do nothing more than sit in the same pose for hours on end. While you can certainly have a great weight loss meditation experience when you sit and focus on a motivational phrase, this isn’t the only way you can meditate.

Many people have found that going on walks is a great way to focus their thoughts. Yoga is another popular activity where different routines are often built around meditative mantras. By combining your meditation with physical activity, it can become easier to stay focused–especially if you are trying to focus on your breathing or become more aware of different muscles of the body. Best of all, making a yoga session or a short walk part of your weight loss meditation will help you burn a few extra calories!

3. Don’t Give Up!

It’s perfectly normal to not have the best meditation experience when you’re first starting out. It may take some time before you find the right place for your daily meditation. Or you may initially find that your thoughts keep wandering away from your chosen area of focus. While this can be a bit frustrating, it is essential that you don’t hold on to these negative thoughts. Keep trying. Keep practicing. The most important thing is to commit some time each day towards this healthy practice. Even if you can only set aside five minutes, you will get better as you continue to practice. As you do this, you’ll be able to apply the things you learn through meditation to the rest of your weight loss routine, helping you establish healthy patterns for the rest of your life so you can achieve your weight loss goals.