3 steps to lose weight!

3 steps to lose weight!

Four CGI women standing sideways in profile representing human body types from thin to obese on a black background.

Step 1: Think about the physical and psychological consequences of being overweight.

Measure your waist circumference at the navel. Is it more than 35 inches (88 cm) if you are a woman, 40 inches (100 cm) if you are a man?

Calculate your Body Mass Index, is it 30 and over? (https://www.motivationminceur.ca/calculateur-imc/)


If you meet any of the above criteria, you meet the criteria that doctors use to diagnose obesity. Let’s look at the physical health consequences of this disease.


For women, the risk is 3 times greater for heart disease, 60 times greater for diabetes, 4 times greater for high blood pressure, 2 times greater for cancer (breast, uterus, intestine), 3 times greater for gall bladder stones, 18 times greater for osteoarthritis, 2 times greater for stroke (paralysis).


For men, 3 times more heart disease, 11 times more diabetes, 3 times more high blood pressure, 2 times more cancer (prostate, intestine), 3 times more stones in the gallbladder, 2 times more stroke.


There is also an increased risk of gout, sleep apnea and depression.

For the psychological consequences, I leave it to your evaluation. Are you happier to be obese than at a better weight for you?


Step Two: Take responsibility, stop making excuses or focusing on factors that are out of your control. 

Get rid of ideas that are proven wrong:

There is nothing to do —- FALSE

I’ve been on a diet and gained back all my weight, there’s no point in trying again —- FALSE

I don’t eat and I get fat —– FALSE

It’s hereditary, I can’t help it —- FALSE

My case is special and mysterious, I don’t understand why I’m getting fat, so I stop all efforts —- FALSE

Weight loss slows down the metabolism, you get fatter more easily afterwards —- FALSE

If I lose weight, I am at increased risk of becoming bulimic —- FALSE

I can’t exercise, I can’t pass —– FALSE

It’s better to stay fat than to try to lose weight —– FALSE


You can’t do anything about your heredity, but who says you can’t do anything to lose weight? Stop thinking about those things you don’t control, what others have or don’t have, do or don’t do, what is “not fair”. You have full power to better manage your problem, which may not be someone else’s, but is your own. A person has never smoked, but has cancer. He or she refuses effective treatment because it’s not fair? No! A person who is genetically predisposed to alcoholism refuses help to stop drinking???? You would certainly tell these people that their reasoning is not logical.

You haven’t earned an unfavourable heredity or any other uncontrollable factor, but it doesn’t make sense to indulge in inaction and fatalism. Recent research shows that you can lose weight and maintain it by changing the behaviours that are at the root of the problem. You won’t become a supermodel, but you will be healthier and better in your own skin.


Step 3: Take action now!

Too many people wait for the “perfect time” to sign up or return to a weight loss program. The best time is almost always now. Why put it off until tomorrow, next Monday, next spring, after your vacation, etc.?

Do you accept that obesity is a problem that concerns you, that is very real? In spite of genetically determined factors, do you also accept that the cause is rooted in your eating behaviours, which themselves are related to your psychological state (your motivation and emotions)? If you are ready for immediate action, we are here to help you.

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