5 Reasons to Meditate for Weight Loss

5 Reasons to Meditate for Weight Loss

Gone are the days when weight loss was only associated with accurately counting the calories you’ve ingested and sweating in the gym for hours. We now know that weight gain is linked to many other factors, including stress, our level of well-being, and our mental state. Meditation for weight loss thus proves to be an avenue of choice to complement your transformation in positivity and self-awareness. By affecting our state of consciousness and bringing us closer to our deeper “self,” the effects of meditation are numerous and powerful. Here are five good reasons to do it.

1. Be aware

The art of meditation rests on the state of consciousness. In our lives, where everything moves so fast, it’s hard to know why our mind or body act a certain way. By taking the time to meditate, even just a few minutes each day, we put the focus back on ourselves to feel what’s going on inside. In addition, by integrating a state of consciousness into our daily lives, we’ll be driven to eat mindfully too, and we’ll naturally favour healthy foods that will be fully appreciated.

2. Reduce stress

One of the major causes of health problems is stress, and it particularly affects our diet. Whether we take refuge in food to compensate for a stressful state or nervous fatigue, or we forget to eat before throwing ourselves into something that fulfills us, our way of eating is directly linked to our way of handling stress. When meditating, we take a step back, and we’ll be less likely to dive into sweets or a comforting dish.

3. Impact your metabolism

By meditating, you lower your metabolism naturally. Because all the cells of our body are dedicated to the practice of meditation, the whole body calms down and the blood pressure with it. These small changes in the body and mind help you regain balance and better digest the food you eat.

4. Confirm your determination

Any change in habits comes with its own set of challenges, which is why it’s hard to stick with a new diet. In this sense, meditation helps us refocus on our commitment before letting go of bad habits and temptation. By integrating meditation into our lifestyle, we quickly get in the habit of questioning all our actions and being once again fully aware. Furthermore, it’s said that a desire disappears after 7 minutes: meditating and putting the focus back on ourselves makes this task much easier and more rewarding.

5. Strengthen your self-esteem

The practice of meditation ultimately helps reveal our true nature, without complex or artifice. In our hectic lives, it’s easy to lose our sense of self and our self-confidence. Yet it’s very hard to make the right decisions when we have low self-esteem. By adopting meditation and getting closer to our true nature, the change in eating habits that we undertake for our health and well-being becomes part of a lifestyle and is no longer a matter of imposed habits.

Whether you’re an enthusiast or not, the practice of meditation has a significant impact on the general state of the body and mind. Although it won’t replace a healthy diet or physical activity, meditation complements these positive changes. By integrating just a few minutes of meditation into our wellness routine, we’ll quickly feel the benefits of it, especially when it comes to weight loss.