5 weight loss tips

5 weight loss tips

Unfortunately, there’s no miracle formula for fast, lasting weight loss. However, here are 5 weight loss tips that guarantee visible results!

fast weight loss tips

Eliminate stress

Eliminate stress is one of the most important weight loss tip! To ensure that your weight loss program is successful, make sure that you first get rid of any negative emotions. In fact, the success of any type of diet depends above all on how well you manage stress, the main factor in weight gain (comfort foods, impulses, cravings, slowing of the metabolism, fat storage).

How do you want to fight stress? Choose from:

  • Massage: eliminates the tension from the muscles and nerves, soothes the mind;
  • Meditation: inner peace and better self-discipline;
  • Exercise: gets rid of negative energies, mental and physical well-being (secretion of endorphins);
  • Yoga: positive effects on the figure and flexibility, peace of mind, better resistance to stress;
  • Reading: appreciation of the calm and solitude, serenity;
  • Gardening: combines wellness with physical activity;
  • Walks outside/in nature to clear your head;
  • Spa (thermal experience, steam room, massage, thalassotherapy…): physical and mental well-being, beneficial effects for the body (especially the cardiovascular system); etc.

Protein for breakfast, an important weight loss tip

We often have sweet breakfasts, sometimes more than necessary. It’s a childhood habit that must be banished if you want to lose weight effectively! The advantage of savoury breakfasts is that animal proteins slow the digestion of carbohydrates and reduce their glycemic index, which helps you feel full longer.

Instead of starting your day with an overload of fast sugars (jam, white bread, refined cereals, Nutella, etc.), focus instead on protein such as eggs, ham, or goat cheese.

You should also add a source of fibre such as whole wheat bread, whole grain cereal, traditional granola, and/or fresh fruit to be consumed 30 minutes after. To drink, opt for a glass of semi-skimmed milk (to make sure you’re getting enough dairy) or green tea. Watch out for bottled juices and their excess added sugar, since they’re low in fibre. Whenever possible, press your fruit juices yourself without added sugar (also consider healthy vegetable-based smoothies).

Sugar addict ? Kick the habit !

It’s pointless to fast for 3 days if you’re just going to surrender to sweets right after. Before starting a weight loss program, gradually reduce your sugar intake. How ?

  • Identify and gradually reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates you consume each day. In other words, cut out sodas, candies, and overly sweet pastries;
  • Undergo detox treatments regularly to purify your body;
  • Eat more fibre, especially if you have cravings: fruits, legumes, whole grains;
  • Beware of sugar substitutes! They have the same effects as traditional sugar on the body by contributing to fat storage and sugar addiction. Natural sweeteners (agave syrup, stevia) are much better for helping you stay in shape;
  • If you need a little snack (during menstruation, for example), eat naturally sweetened fruit instead: grapes, watermelon, pineapple, blueberries, mango, etc.

Make healthy snacks

Healthy snacks are helpful in preventing unintentional snacking and are better at spreading out calorie intake over the day. That’s why we encourage many people to adopt this healthy habit. Between meals, it’s preferable to choose nutritious foods (not processed, and ideally organic) that ensure a beneficial supply of fibre, vitamins, minerals, protein, and other essential nutrients.

Eating mid-morning and afternoon snacks lets you dine lighter in the evening (very important for fast weight loss). Fresh fruit, dairy products, nuts, whole grains, crunchy vegetables, poultry, fish, etc.: anything goes, as long as you respect the rules for a healthy snack (reduced amount for a moderate calorie intake, no simple carbohydrates). The snack could even be a real little meal, for the pleasure of the gourmets!

Most important weight loss tip : Get some physical activity !

You don’t like exercise ? You’re not obligated to sign up for a gym membership to lose weight. Changing your habits even a little can have a visible effect on your figure. For example, take the stairs more often, walk home from work at night if possible, go for a walk on the weekends instead of staying at home, etc.

If you decide to take up a sport, that’s even better ! Find the physical activity that will benefit you the most: running to improve your cardio and lose body fat, targeted exercises to work out a particular area (stomach, back, love handles, arms, thighs), swimming to tone your whole body evenly, cycling to strengthen your legs, etc.

Whatever activity you choose, don’t forget that consistency is the key to making sure your efforts pay off. Don’t think you can go it alone ? Ask for personal training !