Dr. Maurice Larocque

Dr Maurice Larocque

A Spotlight on Dr. Larocque

The Man Behind The Program: Dr. Maurice Larocque

Dr. Larocque is an internationally-recognized physician whose research and treatment of obesity has not only been the catalyst for developing the unique Motivate weight management program but also has been influential in the global community of those combating the obesity epidemic. In addition to being a bariatric physician, Dr. Larocque is an accomplished author of thirteen books and a regular public speaker in the arenas of television and radio.

Backed by an abundance of medical research, the Motivate approach has emerged from 35 years of scientific study. For more information on the science behind Motivate's philosophy, we invite you to peruse our many resources including studies, media and articles about and by our team.

Dr. Larocque’s lifelong passion has been to help others become the happiest and healthiest version of themselves. His approach to weight loss is supported by the belief that lasting change cannot happen by attempting to manage behavior and choices alone. Instead, he believes that transformation begins by identifying and utilizing the motivation behind our choices—our thoughts, emotions and the false beliefs that drive our behaviors. His proven approach has successfully helped nearly 1 million people transform their lives and health from the inside out.

I am on a mission to bring hope around the world— this is why I became a doctor. If I can make a small difference in another human life, it gives a meaning to mine. Every day I receive testimonies from people around the world, telling me that Motivate is changing their life—that’s my WHY. I consider myself the luckiest man in the world!" – Dr. Larocque