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1Yo-yo dieting is harmful to my health?

Yo-yo dieting is good for health ! The result of a scientific study shows that the death rate of those who make efforts to lose weight, even if they fail to maintain the lost weight , was 24% lower compared to those who do nothing for weight loss . Obesity , as well as alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease of emotions. This explains the number of relapses . Your failures are increasing your chances of success !

2Protein diet is dangerous?

It's not dangerous if you are followed by a professional in the field and you meet many different aspects of your diet (recommended servings, use of water, salt). Having excess weight is much more dangerous to health.

No deaths have been reported for over 20 years!

3Are proteins good for you?

Absolutely. It is essential to losing weight healthily. Without protein diet causes loss of muscle creates a state of weakness, slows metabolism, thins the heart and promotes recovery of lost weight. In cure for weight loss, the need protein to stay healthy and protect muscle mass can double up.

The proteins have the property of eliciting satiety for at least four hours. The protein supplements are no miracle drug or property and they do not lose weight. They help maintain muscle mass, heart, skin, and metabolism. On the contrary, do not take enough protein is dangerous for health. The protein supplements can be taken as a snack or to replace a meal.

4Are protein diets are bad for the kidney?

No study demonstrates that.

The proposed plan is not high protein but low in carbohydrates. The amount of proteins is not taken in excess with respect to a normal diet. This diet is called protein because protein is the main nutrient.

5Will I maintain my weight?

After four years, our patients maintain 82 % of their weight loss with monthly monitoring in clinical practice.

75% of patients who maintain their weight choose to take supplements if necessary.

We know the same success rate among low-calorie diets and very low-calorie diets.

Les clés du succès pour un maintien du poids ? L'approche psycho-comportementale et le suivi mensuel.

6How many calories for a pound of fat?
One pound = 3500 calories. So it takes 3500 calories more or less to gain or lose a pound.
7I am afraid to be hungry

Less sugar we eat , the less we are hungry .

The sugar stimulates appetite .

To avoid cravings, just take a protein source for four hours before being hungry.

8I am afraid of having a "plateau", of not to be able to lose more weight

There is no physical "plateau". Often, smaller deviations (carbohydrates), as well as stress, may induce water retention.

Most of the time, the true "plateau" is in the head; there is a locking motivation. You lost and you feel better, but now what? Our food diary will help you identify your deviations and maintain focus on your long term goals.

9I am afraid to gain my weight back after my diet

Studies show that the success rate increases with the number of diets.

For the reintroduction of carbohydrates in the diet, insulin increases, the kidneys work less quickly, which generates an equivalent water retention weight was lost very quickly when the regime. Metabolism puts four to six weeks to recover to the new weight, hence the importance of the transition.

La plus grande raison de la reprise de poids après le régime est la frustration qui découle la privation. Nous avons les outils de motivation pour contrer ce sentiment.

10I work at night - can I still diet?
You can still diet by maintaining a source of protein to four hours in the active period, regardless of the time.
11I am afraid to get wrinkles

It is true that if you lose weight, you will have more wrinkles, but also you will look younger. If you consume enough protein, your skin maintains its elasticity.

12I do not want to diet , I would rather take medication to lose weight
The miracle pill or magic powders do not yet exist. A drug will do nothing alone. It will not replace in any case your plan and your motivation to change your behavior. Do you really take medication all your life? We can help you.
13I'm barely eating, but I'm not losing any weight!

Recent studies show that people underestimate their average consumption of 1,050 calories per day. On average, women who are overweight underestimate their calorie intake by more than 620 calories per day.

If you reduce your calorie intake, you will lose weight. You need a good coach.

14I'm not getting thinner, yet I do a lot of exercise
Recent studies show that on average, people overestimate their caloric expenditure through physical activity by 250 calories.

More questions?

1Protein is good for you?

Absolutely. It is essential to lose weight healthy. Without protein diet causes loss of muscle, creates a state of weakness, slows metabolism , thins the heart and promotes recovery of lost weight. In cure for weight loss , the need protein to stay healthy and protect muscle mass can double up .

The proteins have the property of eliciting satiety for at least four hours. The protein supplements are no miracle drug or property and they do not lose weight. They help maintain muscle mass , heart , skin and metabolism. On the contrary , do not take enough protein is dangerous for health. The protein supplements can be taken as a snack or to replace a meal.

2Protein come from meat?

The protein supplements are made from milk protein and / or soy which was , in large part , removed the sugar and fat.

3Do I really have to take salt?

The salt is necessary when you follow a special diet. Adding salt is used to replace the salt you normally would end in a menu maintien.Too little salt can cause fatigue and lack of energy . These symptoms are often falsely associated with a lack of sugar or foods.

The salt does not get you fat.

4"Light" food are they really light ?

Foods that are called light often contain added sugars such as sucrose, fructose , sucrose, sorbitol , xylitol and mannitol.

From sugarless bread does not exist, because when flour bread is digested , it creates sugar. Rather understand without added sugar.

It should also monitor the number of calories. Check the nutrition information .

5Dairy products?

The ice milk contains the same number of calories than ice cream because the fat removed was replaced with sugar.

in the milk , there is sugar or lactose which contains calories .

In the low calorie diets , the portions of dairy products are restricted because they have too many carbohydrates . The protein supplements are a good source of calcium.

6I am hungry!
Your food plan has been developed to reduce hunger and to give a feeling of well being during the weight loss phase. If you are hungry, you may not be following the plan 100% by eating more carbs than prescribed. If you skip your protein supplements or have them more than 4 hours apart this can also cause hunger. The most common reasons you may be hungry are as a result of physiological reasons such as low blood sugar known as hypoglycaemia. Another physiological reason for increased hunger is fatigue caused by lack of sleep. Your hunger may also be the result of psychological causes if your are dealing with stressful circumstances The most important thing for you to do is to commit to following the plan 100% as prescribed to make sure your hunger is not being caused by hypoglycaemia, then make sure you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night and finally to address any stress your are experiencing. This strategy will usually allow you to manage your hunger.
7Why take my protein supplements?
It is important to take your protein supplements as well as any other supplements as prescribed in order to preserve your muscles - most importantly your heart muscles - and to prevent cravings or binges. The supplements will also prevent muscle cramping, dizziness or nausea. Over the long term, protein will help you maintain and increase your muscle mass allowing you to maintain much more easily your body weight.
8I feel deprived when on a diet.
It is very important for you to address this emotion because it is the number one reason people give up on the program. Ask yourself: what do I tell myself that makes me feel that way? This feeling of deprivation is an emotion that results from how you perceive the diet. In your mind, the benefits of eating whatever you want, whenever you want, are stronger than those of being at your desired weight. So it is very important that you confront these thoughts right away. By confront I just mean to challenge the way you think. Ask yourself: What do I tell myself that makes me feel that way? Repeat the question until you know why you feel deprived. When you have identified your reason, ask yourself if it is a realistic thought or an unrealistic one? Then ask yourself: What is more important for me? To have my health, to look and feel my or to be able to eat whatever and whenever I like? The feeling of deprivation can be reduced by using this technique
9Should I weight myself daily?
Your weight can fluctuate quite a lot during the day and from day to day as a result of changes in water retention. It is best to weigh yourself once a week at the same time in the same place to get an accurate measure of your weight.
10It is difficult to change my habits!
Creating new habits is difficult but it is essential in order to maintain your weight loss. Start by selecting one small easy goal to be achieved in the coming week. As you add small successes week after week this will build up your confidence. Be realistic and don’t try to change your most difficult habits right away and if you have not worked on your chosen habit this week, don`t feel guilty – just recommit focusing on it in the coming week.
11I have an event like a party or a dinner at a restaurant where that will make it difficult for me to stick to my diet.
In order to avoid cravings, especially at parties or restaurants, I strongly suggest that you have one or 2 protein supplements prior to going as this will reduce your hunger and will help a lot to stay in control.
12I can’t see why I am doing this!
You have difficulties recording the physical or psychological benefits acquired since you follow the program. You have to know that we do things because we feel that they are worthwhile. Be constantly aware of those benefits. Think about them, say them loud and even write them down frequently. It is very important to be conscious of these benefits and think about them daily so you do not want to lose them anymore. Human beings have the bad habit to forget about the benefits once he has reached his goal.

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