What is Mental Weight™?

This unique concept, created by Dr. Maurice Larocque, namely the Mental Weight™ questionnaire is used to measure what is happening in your head regarding your weight problem.

The Mental Weight™ is the weight that a person would weigh if, each time she wanted to eat, she let her bad habits take over without her willpower stepping in. This is the result of what happens in her head and what motivates her to eat.

Mental WeightTM is measured based on five main factors
that could be behind weight problems:



mental image



The goal is to reduce the mental weight to the desired body weight so that you can easily maintain your weight without having to constantly fight against your willpower.

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Fill in the short form and we will set you up to our Mental Weight questionnaire shortly. Once you reach the end of our questionnaire look for the "Combo Reports". In this you will find your complete weight loss forecast, the results of your habits and attitudes. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Remember to lose weight and keep it off you need to understand why.