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This one-of-a-kind product brings together powerful botanicals from a variety of sources to work with your body and mind to get weight loss moving forward.

One of the secrets of weight management is helping people fight the inner demons of hunger and the feeling that they need to eat everything in front of them. One of the time-honored and proven ways of helping moderate hunger is by using a protein-sparing program, as carbohydrate reduction in the presence of protein significantly blunts appetite. However, what do you do with the people who eat the protein but still crave the warm, fuzzy feeling that food (and the anticipation of eating) gives them? These types of people think they are hungry, even when all normal indicators would say they couldn’t be. In truth, they are craving the feeling of “reward response” which SmartSlim® has been designed to address: thermogenesis PLUS craving support.*

Some plants contain small amounts of alkaloids that are direct and indirect-acting adrenergic agents, such as synephrine, octopamine and from Bitter Orange and methylhexanamine from sweet-scented geranium oil. Adrenergic agents with beta-agonist activity can stimulate thermogenesis (an increase in lipolysis and resting metabolic rate) in some persons, thus increasing the removal and oxidation of fat from adipose tissue stores, an action potentiated by methylxanthines, such as caffeine, present in Green Tea. Velvet Bean contains L-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA), a precursor for the endogenous catecholamines that mediate thermogenesis in peripheral tissues and act as neurotransmitters in the central nervous system (CNS). In dopaminergic pathways in the CNS, the L-DOPA from Velvet Bean can increase dopamine availability, while aporphine alkaloids from Sacred Lotus can mimic the action of dopamine. Dopaminergic pathways in the CNS may modulate eating behavior.*

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