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Healthy Soup – Cream of Mushroom (7/box)


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Healthy Soup

Cream of Mushroom Soup Mix

Our soups are easy to prepare, are super tasty and are great hunger busters. They make dieting easy.

Why you’ll love our soups

Our soups come with a considerable amount of proteins: they provide you with 15g of proteins, which is more than 25% of your daily intake! They also provide you with 19 different vitamins and minerals which are just as important for your body.  They are the perfect complement to your meals or a great snack in themselves. 

Each pack contains 7 soup mixes.

These soups are

    • Keto Ready
    • A great source of protein
    • A VERY LOW source of sugar (only 1g of sugar per mix)
    • Individually packaged
    • Easy to prepare
    • They can serve as a base: just add vegetables or pasta to it
    • 1 pack = 43g (7 per box)


    • Empty contents in a large cup or bowl
    • Add between 6 and 8 oz of hot water
    • Stir vigorously
    • Enjoy!


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Nutrition Facts
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