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Protein Bars (7/box, lots of flavors!)


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What’s in the Box?

Tasty hunger-buster protein bars, with 15g of protein each.

It’s the perfect snack to bring with you, anywhere you go. They bring long-lasting satisfaction.

Why you’ll love our bars

First of, our protein bars are low carbs : 160 each. And they all provide you with 15g of protein.
What else? They taste good, and they come in a wide variety of flavors.

But don’t forget, it’s a protein bar, not a candy bar.
The goal is to help you maintain your diet when you don’t have time for anything else.
They are not a substitute for a complete meal!

Small FAQ

Q. I’m going hiking, are these bars good for me?
A. Yes and no! It depends. The amount of sugars in our bars is lower than other brands. So if you are doing a really long and demanding hike, another product might better suit you. But if you are going on a small hike, our bars are just perfect.

Q. I have to take a flight that will last many hours. Are these bars a good snack to take with me? 
A. Absolutely! By eating our protein bar, you won’t be tempted to eat other things that might make you deviate from your current diet. They will fill your hunger and you’ll be satisfied for quite some time.

Q. What does VLC means?
A. VLC means Very Low Carbs. Our VLC bars are gluten-free, have 5g net carbs each and are high in fibers (12 g). They provide you with 15g of protein for 160 calories (just like our other bars).

Q. Are these protein bars KETO?
A. Only our Coconut bar is Keto Friendly.


Proteins: 15 g
Carbohydrates: from 14g to 16g
Lipids: from 4g to 6g
Calories: 150g and 160g

7 bars per box (for all flavors).