The best diet.

The best diet.

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The best diet.

The protein diet is recognized scientifically and even by its detractors, as an extremely effective weight loss tool.

• It is natural and without drugs.

• The benefits are incomparable:

• It naturally suppresses appetite

• It provides a feeling of well being

• And it makes you lose weight quickly while protecting muscle mass and slowing your metabolism.


The protein diet results from a natural adaptation of the human body to a period of caloric deprivation. This phenomenon enabled the caveman to survive in times of famine and ensured our presence on earth.

The protein diet is very safe under experienced supervision and has not resulted in any documented health incident for 50 years, even if millions of people have followed this diet in all the countries of the earth where obesity prevails.

In addition, the protein diet significantly improves health:
• It makes it possible to control type 2 diabetes very often without insulin, without medication,
• It lowers cholesterol and blood triglycerides.
• It decreases heart symptoms of shortness of breath and angina,
• It improves lung function,
• It decreases the symptoms of arthritis.

The protein diet, when used as part of a comprehensive behavior change approach, improves motivation during the loss and maintenance of lost weight. Published studies show better maintenance of the weight lost with this type of diet compared to a conventional diet.

Ultimately, the best diet to lose weight is the one you choose.