Weight Loss Supplements : For or Against ?

Weight Loss Supplements : For or Against ?

Weight loss has become an obsession in our society because of beauty standards, but it can also become essential for maintaining our physical health. To achieve your goal, you’ll find plenty of help on the market, whether it’s coaching techniques, miracle diet methods, targeted physical exercises, sports accessories, or nutritional supplements.

weight loss supplements

Some so-called “fat burner” supplements are made, in theory, to provide you with the nutrients you need while fighting fat and therefore helping you lose weight. Other supplements work to help you digest your new diet. During a diet, your eating habits are really turned upside down, and your body may have trouble getting used to the change.

For example, you may feel hungry even after a meal, since your stomach isn’t yet familiar with the new foods you’re eating, nor the new portions.

For certain diets, your needs and restrictions are so specific that preparing a meal becomes a real challenge. It’s for these reasons that supplements may be considered an appropriate solution in addition to a diet. Dietary supplements have invaded the weight loss market over the past ten years, but are they really effective? They often promise spectacular and very fast results, yet a healthy diet and regular physical activity should be enough to keep you in shape.

Fake fat burners

Some supplements are actually filled with diuretic and laxative substances. This will have a purging effect on your body, which will simply eliminate waste, especially by dehydrating itself. Indeed, you’ll quickly notice a slight weight loss, but this effect will be very short-lived, because as soon as you hydrate yourself again and eat your next meal, you’ll regain the lost pounds.

These pills play around with the natural variations of the body and are therefore not effective if you truly want to lose body fat. Beyond these substances, nutritional supplements are often made up of chemicals that can harm your organs and disrupt your metabolism so that you ultimately gain weight over the long term and jeopardize your health.

An absence of convincing results

There are very few studies on dietary supplements, and those that exist tend to demonstrate their ineffectiveness. There’s no medical evidence of the positive effect of supplements on weight loss. Whether they’re sold at the pharmacy, on the internet, or in specialty stores, no supplement has been designated as truly effective beyond a placebo effect. Even natural supplements don’t offer miracle slimming effects; at best, they can accompany you in your weight loss approach.

The benefits of nature

It’s always recommended to focus on natural solutions for your body. Nutritional supplements are meant to accompany your weight loss approach, but why use chemicals when nature provides you with foods that are high in nutrients and good for the body? That’s the case with yerba mate, a Brazilian herb that’s drunk infused in hot water like a tea.

It helps digest carbohydrates less and therefore store them as fat less. It also helps burn fat naturally. Make yourself several cups throughout the day (choose organic yerba mate). Yerba mate contains caffeine, which will give you energy and allow you to train longer, but be careful not to drink too much either.

Essential follow-up

Instead of consuming supplements, seek out support right from the start of your diet from a health professional. By doing so, you’ll be able to properly evaluate your needs based on your goal and adopt new eating and physical habits that are healthy and adapted to your body. They’ll also be able to help you keep your motivation until the end. And normally, with a healthier and balanced diet accompanied by regular exercise, you’ll wind up losing weight naturally.