What are you afraid?

What are you afraid?

What are the risks of losing weight too fast

The real fears

A recent and extremely important discovery shows, beyond any doubt and for the first time, that excess weight is responsible for 20% of cancers in women, including breast cancer. *
Obesity is responsible for the epidemic of type 2 diabetes.
Overweight is responsible for 30% of cardiovascular diseases.
30% of overweight people are depressed.

Fake fears

I’m afraid of not losing weight, of not maintaining myself, of compromising my health through the yo-yo effect.

Recent discovery on the yo-yo effect **
Making efforts to lose weight, even if they are not successful and there is weight gain, reduces mortality by 24%.

Fear of change

I’m not that big a person, I like to eat, it’s not a life of always depriving myself, etc.
These are psychological mechanisms or lies that we tell ourselves so as not to take action for fear of change.

Why wait?

With our us and your participation, even imperfect, you can finally succeed and get rid of your paralyzing fears …

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