What is Motivate?

  • You personalized your diet program to reach your goal!
  • We take a global approach to your weight loss. Understand WHY you have a weight problem and it will be easier to lose and keep it off.
  • You choose, you know what you want to eat, we offer you the best diet program and the best protein supplements to make losing easy.
  • Motivation is the KEY! Get motivated, and stay motivated with our team.
  • Maintenance: losing weight is one thing, keep it off another. Understanding WHY you had a weight problem will help you keep it off.

What do you get with Motivate?

  • Order any products you like and receive FREE your Motivate diet plan and Dr Larocque's latest book. This easy to follow diet plan will let you personalized it so you lose weight, you do not feel deprived and feel great.